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Cybercom Pvt. Ltd having partnerships with world renowned IT Manufacturers and market leaders, we provide comprehensive range of products and services from partners whom we have identified as being best in their area of technical expertise.

Cybercom remains an independent consultant and only recommends the best solutions for their clients. We assess the new and emergent technologies as it becomes available and only recommend products or services that we believe have a stable / reliable solution and will perform over the long-term. We do sales and services of all IT & Telecom Infrastructure hardware and software, providing network, data and Cyber security solutions.

Data Network Solutions
Data Network Solutions

Cybercom provide LAN, WAN and Datacenter Solutions comprising Layer 2/3 manageable Switches, Routers, Servers, Workstations, Storage devices etc. There is a resigning demand of IT networks in ISP, Telecom carriers, Railways, Defense and the Enterprise market.

We provide end to end solutions whether it’s locally based IT infrastructure or multi-site development and connectivity.

Security & Surveillance Solutions
Security and Surveillance Solution

We provide innovate technological solutions to a wide range of customers in the fields of security and surveillance; we are committed to making your Security Network simple, efficient and reliable as well. Our product portfolio includes specialist design, installation, commissioning, project management and maintenance.

Fiber Optic GPON Solutions
Fiber Based Access Network Solutions (OFAN, GEPON, GPON)

We offer a variety of optical fiber based solutions in the last mile which adopt different transmission technologies like SDH, IP Transmission.

These solutions include OFAN (Optical Fiber Access Network), PON (Passive Optical Network GEPON, GPON etc.) on the basis of FTTx technology used. FTTx covers FTTC, FTTB, FTTH etc. to deliver voice, video and data over fiber and existing copper.

Copper Access Network Solutions
Copper Based Access Network Solutions (DSLAM)

We offer variety of copper based access network in the last mile to deliver triple play services over existing copper network. Different types of DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers) are used to deliver voice, video and data over existing copper network in the local loop.

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